Gürtel Plot Behind Ofelia Nieto 29 Tear Down. Friday 23th 12:00 am Protest at Madrid City Hall

Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos, a subsidiary of Grupo Ortiz, is the company that is going to tear down Ofelia Nieto 28. This company made payments to the Gürtel Plot though some companies belonging to Jesus Merino. He is a congressman and in the past he was deputy spokesperson from Popular Party.

Cobri, the new pet for Madrid 2020 Olympic Games, will go this friday to the City Hall to signal the shared interests between Madrid City Council, Grupo Ortiz and the Gürtel Plot. He will try to hand in to the Major the biggest “envelope” she has ever received. Gracia-Gonzalez family is going to make her an offer she can’t refuse, after the corporation didn’t want to hear the people’s claims – more than 4.000 signs have been submitted to stop the tear down and hundreds of activists take turns to defend the house night and day.

This actions belongs to the campaign against the tear down of Ofelia Nieto 29. Madrid City Council want to do it with the excuse of widening the sidewalk. Since hundreds of activist rejected the first tear down trial on august 14th, housing activist and neighbors are turning to defend the house. Different protests have been performed to signal the responsibles of this robbery: Madrid City Council, Urbanism Office, Grupo Ortiz,… District’s government nor Corporation nor Urbanism Office’s Head have heard the claims of the family, so we think it is the time to talk them in their own language: envelope hand-in. This friday, they’ll get the biggest ever.

The Gürtel Connection

Jesus Merino, and old deputy spokesperson from Popular Party at congress and still a congressman, received 8,44 million euros from a dozen of companies between 2002 and 2008. Grupo Ortiz made payments to Merino through different companies of his property: Algaba (375,000 euros), Dolthins (202,000 euros) and Everland (900,000).  Algaba, property of Merino, belongs to Astrolago Investments. The property of Astrolago is shared between Merino, Luis Barcenas – senator and ex-treasurer of Popular Party – and Jesús Sepulveda – Popular Party executive and major of Pozuelo de Alarcón until the Gürtel plot was discovered, plus ex-husband of current health affairs ministry Ana Mato. This information is reflected in the 60th volume of the summary about Gürtel Plot developed by Judge Pedreira.

Madrid City Council puts the machinery…. and their hand

No more envelopes for human rights

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